About Ada

Our city is surrounded by a beautifully arranged park with walkways, benches, tables and sports fields. A children’s playground awaits the youngest, and sports fans a variety of outdoor courts for football, handball, tennis as well as running trails.

The municipality of Ada is located in the central part of eastern Bačka on the right bank of the Tisa river and occupies an area of 228.6 km², therefore it belongs to the smaller municipalities in Vojvodina and is populated by approximately 19,000 inhabitants living in five settlements: Ada, Mol, Utrine, Obornjaca and Sterijino.

According to archaeological research, this area was already inhabited during the Polished Stone Age. We can find traces of the Romans, Huns and Avars who brought Slavic tribes with them. At the end of the 9th century Hungarians also appeared in the Carpathian Basin, and from the 12th to the 14th century, a whole series of Hungarian settlements were founded, such as Asszonyfalva, Bánfalva, Pezer and others. The former settlement named Petrina can be considered as the ancestor of Ada, whose establishment is estimated to be in 1694, when it was settled by Serbs who moved here during the time of Archbishop Arsenija Čarnojević. Later, the name of the settlement became Ostrova (1702), and in 1723 it appears on the map of Temeš County as Ada-Hatta.