Outdoor swimming pools

Our outdoor swimming pools are surrounded by a beautifully arranged park with walkways, benches, tables and sports fields. A children’s playground awaits the youngest, and sports fans can enjoy a variety of outdoor courts for football, handball, tennis as well as running trails.


The Olympic pool (50m x 25m) gradually deepens up to a depth of 200 cm, where diving boards are placed at the deepest part of the pool. In addition to swimming, the Olympic pool provides very favorable conditions for organizing swimming and water polo competitions, so our facility hosts numerous international games. In addition, large bleachers, deckchairs, tables and chairs allow peaceful relaxation and enjoyment for every visitor.


The pool for non-swimmers (25m x 12.5m) has a depth of 120 cm. Once a popular “pensioners’ pool”, it changed its name and purpose by receiving three “Kamikaze” slides. Today it is very popular among all the daring guests of our complex as it provides an active and exciting experience.


The children’s pool (25m x 12.5m) gradually deepens with an average depth of 100cm. The children’s pool has a slide for the youngest, where every kid can enjoy swimming and splashing. The natural shade around the pool and the park provide an individual advantage for our complex.


Adica places a special emphasis on the surroundings of the pool, which is expressed by clean sidewalks, gardens decorated with flowers, grassy areas in the shade, a fountain with exotic plants, neatly placed tables and benches, exhibited stones from all over the world, and finally, but not of least importance, a large number of children’s toys made of natural materials. Sports options in the recreation center are beach volleyball (volleyball court in the sand), table tennis, beach football, and chess. In addition to all this, visitors can visit cafés and restaurants located within the complex.